Selected Writing


Reading Taubes in Constellation (2022)

Reading Scholem in Constellation (2021)


“Give a little salt to these strangers: Albert Memmi and Fictions of Jewish Barbarism,” Minor Perspectives on Modernity beyond Europe: An Encounter between Jewish Studies and Postcolonial Thought, eds. Yael Attia, Jonatan Hirsch, Kathleen Samson. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag, 2023.


The Ghost of the Feast: A recent biography of Jacob Taubes is haunted by his first wife’s novel The Baffler

Introduction; Hanging on the Sweetness of Religion: Susan Taubes and Martin Buber’s Meditations on Simone Weil Reading Taubes in Constellation; Conversation on an Afterlife (with Ethan Taubes) Reading Taubes in Constellation

Crises and Contradictions: ‘Marx and Capitalism,’ The Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, February – August 2022. Radical Philosophy

Can We Write Our Way to a New Word? A review and re-visiting of Carla Lonzi’s “Self-Portrait.” The Conversationalist

Rachel Pafe on Karen Bray Marginalia

Reframing Britney Spears: will freedom liberate her from sadness? The Conversationalist

Selves Amidst the Blushing Dead: Susan Taubes’ task of reclamation in Divorcing Reading Scholem in Constellation, co-written with Mimi Howard

A Revolution of Silence Protocols

‘Potential Histories: Unlearning Imperialism’: a review of Ariella Azoulay’s new book The Conversationalist

In her 1984 science fiction novel ‘Native Tongue,’ linguist Suzette Haden Elgin created a feminist language from scratch The Conversationalist

Islamic Art History: The Myth of Secularity Marginalia

Dark Matters Exhibition Text Corridor Project Space

David Wojnarowicz’s Christ: Symbols of Hope, Corruption and Violence Sacred Matters

Muzeo Solomoni Berat: Documenting Jewish Albanian History Kosovo 2.0

Wiser Bloods Time to Wake up Yet anthology

Blotting Paper Let us say this again, Opaquely

Matches Fanzine

The pleasure of unravelling principle Minor Literatures

What is considered a giant step? Giant Step: Reflections & Essays on Institutional Critique