I am a writer and researcher interested in modern German-Jewish thought, interdisciplinary theories of mourning, diasporic politics of remembrance, and collaboration across disciplines, especially reading groups and publication projects with artists, religious historians, philosophers, and game designers. My writing covers a range of topics, including the desire to overcome Britney Spears’ loneliness, Susan Taubes’ criticisms of the “sweetness of religion” and the “leftist flavor” of Simone Weil, journeys to visit Sabbatai Zvi, and living monuments made of bark and mind matter for publications including The Baffler, Radical Philosophy, Marginalia Review of Books, Protocols, and the Conversationalist. I am the editor of two multidisciplinary collections of poetry, criticism, and fiction, Reading Scholem in Constellation (2021, Pseudo Press) and Reading Taubes in Constellation (2022, Pseudo Press). I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Leipzig.