You are the dirt under my fingernails

You are the dirt under my fingernails is a yearlong collaboration with artist and researcher Sakina Dhif. It includes collaborative writing, research and performance and culminated in a performance at the 2015 PARSE Biennial (Gothenburg, November 5 2015) and a lecture-performance at the Central Saint Martins “Exhibitions, Histories Practices” research group (November 18 2015). You are the dirt under my fingernails examines the trend of archival exhibitions within contemporary art and focuses on the example of “Past Disquiet” at MACBA (2015, Barcelona), an exhibition that explored the history of The International Art Exhibition for Palestine (Beirut 1978). It questions the remaking, or the impossibility of remaking, the exhibition as a point that re-invokes the ephemeral. The goal becomes one of re-materialising what has been destroyed and forgotten, the accessing of a network of artists rather than an individual. What hopes do we imbue in the exhibition? What result do we expect from museums re-exhibiting past exhibitions?

Still from the research process.